H.I. #22: 16-hour Search for Wallpaper

H.I. #21: Cave Troll in Your Pocket

The triumphant return of Hello Internet is 100% topical. Grey and Brady discuss the results of the Scottish Independence referendum, and three new things: new kindles, new iPhones, and new Apple Watches.

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Lulu and Audrey

False Friends

Mama, die, die, die


Grey's recommended podcast apps

Brady: Nottingham Chemistry Department Fire

Scottish independence referendum, 2014

Royal Barge Procession

Devolution in the United Kingdom

Downstate New York

Grey: The United Kingdom Explained


Grey: History of the Union Jack

Australian republic referendum, 1999

United Kingdom Alternative Vote referendum, 2011

Grey: Can Texas Secede from the Union

Grey: How Many Countries Are There in the World

Amazon Kindle Voyage

There is coffee in that nebula

Left-justified text example

Kindle contact number: 1-866-216-1072

Ask for Kindle support and tell them you would like to have left-alignment (ragged-right) text added to the kindles. Please be polite, and please give the support person a good review. This helps our righteous cause.

Grey's review / complains of the original paperwhite

iPhone 6 and 6+

iPhone 6 line outside the Regent Street Apple Store

iPhone 4

iPhone 5

Brady's lightsaber

Accidental Tech Podcast

The Talk Show

Apple Watch

Tim Cook at D11

Speedmaster Professional

JayBird BlueBuds X

FitBit One


Moto 360

Remember the Milk

Daring Fireball: Apple Watch Initial Thoughts and Observations


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H.I. #18: Monkey Copyright

Follow-up extravaganza: Grey & Brady discuss discussions, Morocco, how wonderful children are, checklists, toothbrushes, what a humblebrag really is, US state flag redesigns, fanart, Her revisited, Michael Bay's masterpiece: Armageddon, Moon, swearing, an after-school special on drug use, 'notable people from' on Wikipedia, and after a shocking amount of time, the supposed topic is briefly touched upon: monkey copyright.

Spoilers for Moon.

Also: you have homework. Blame Brady.

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Show Notes:

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H.I. #16: The Worst Topic for a Podcast.

H.I. #17: Mister Phoenix.


H.I. #7: Sorry, Language Teachers.

Delusionn's Grey's checklist.

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande.

Brady's toothbrush.

Grey's toothbrush set.

Go no go for launch.


Humblebrag Twitter.

United We Stand state flag redesign.

United States flag correct colors.

US State Sigils

North American Vexillological Association: How to Design a Great Flag

"Brady's Papercuts" - The Unofficial Jingle!

H.I. Podcast Animated

The Ricky Gervais Show HBO animation

I use antlers in all of my decorating


Armageddon: President's Speech

Armageddon: training montage


Attack the Block

David Slater

Macaca nigra self-portrait

London Zoo meet the monkeys

Gibraltar monkey pickpocket

Homework Black Mirror Season 1, Season 2. (UK link for Season 1, Season 2)

Grey's video teased at the end


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