H.I. #110: Love Monkey

Grey and Brady discuss questions from The Book of Thunks by Ian Gilbert and The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock.


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Show Notes:

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The Book of Thunks by Ian Gilbert

The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock

Is an official executioner a murderer?

Would you rather a family member married a traffic warden or a millionaire con artist?

Would a Martian know a beautiful woman if it saw one?

Is it better to do your best and lose than it is to perform below par and win?

If a waiter leaves an item off the bill and you say nothing, is that stealing?

Are you a different person by the end of each day?

Could you ever learn too much?

If your name is part of who you are, would someone with the same name as you have a similar identity?

If cows evolved to be cleverer, should we stop eating them?

Can you be afraid of fairies?

If I read a magazine in a shop without paying for it, is that stealing?

Would a baby born on a deserted island know right from wrong?

If genetic research identifies that you have a condition that means you will die in ten years, should you be told, whether you want to know or not?

Is it okay for your job to be really boring if it pays well?

Would you be happy if you had all you wanted?

Would you play Russian roulette with 1 in 10 chance, if winning meant you got $100,000,000?

Would you take your dream holiday for one month, if it meant you couldn't remember it?

H.I. #109: Twitter War Room

Grey and Brady discuss: complaining on Twitter and the clap emoji, laugh inflation and linguistic treadmills, the long half-life of the Hello Internet vinyl edition, Brady is a hotstopper hero, Grey is a villain, Fire in the National Museum of Brazil, Fake or Fortune and Leonardo da Vinci, Listerine on Instagram, Project Cyclops, Grey's Drama Llama theory, and YouTubers burning out.


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Show Notes:

Discuss this episode on the reddit


Hard-core laughter

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