What to help out Hello Internet? Here's the best ways how:


1. Share Hello Internet with your friends

The more people who listen the better. If you know someone who might like the show, consider letting them know about it. Of course, it's a bit difficult to know where to start with a two-dudes-talking show sometimes, so the Hello Internet animated episodes might be a gentle introduction for newbies.


2. Try the sponsors

The sponsors are the biggest reason the show can exist at this stage, so show them some love. If they sound interesting to you, make sure to use the offer code so they know you came from us.

However, some people just don't need any more websites or audiobooks or razors, so if that's the case, there are a few more options:


3. Hello Internet on Patreon

Hello Internet is now on Patreon. It's not mandatory, but if you do want to support the show, enjoy an extra warm feeling inside when you listen knowing you've help keep this project going.


4. Hello Internet the T-Shirt

Say 'HI' to the world with this snazzy Hello Internet t-shirt available at DFTBA.com