H.I. #50: Queen of Spades

Brady and Grey discuss: a first cup of coffee, Rice Rats vs Swamphen, Brady Travels, AirBNB and the sharing economy, first thoughts on the Hello Internet Flag Referendum, Brady's refuses to play games, Hotstopper awareness auction results, the county flags of Liberia, things people happen to be doing while they are listening to the Hello Internet podcast corner, bi-weekly weigh in (YOU SHOULD CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE TEAM!), YouTube Red, and answers to some listener questions for the fiftieth episode.

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Show Notes:

Discuss this episode

Brady's first cup of coffee

Marco Arment

Tiff Arment

Brady points

The view from the MSRI director’s office

Team Rice Rat

Team Swamphen

Hello Internet #6: Brady's Cat Pee Story


HI: The Shortlist

HI flag voting rules



Hotstopper Awareness

CGP Grey the penguin

County Flags of Liberia